Requirements for Ministries

Contact the Ministry Head for each ministry’s requirements.

For children’s ministries:

Safe Environment Coordinators

Helen Schuler

Gina Perez

908-284-2929 x1117

908-284-2929 x1117

Religious Formation Credential Requirements

All those who are helping and are involved in any children’s ministries, must complete the following credentials mandated by the Diocese of Metuchen such as Catechists, Aides, Building Coordinators, Hall Monitors, Substitute Catechists, CLOW Leaders, Epiphany Pageant Leaders, Passion Play Leaders, Trunk or Treat Helpers, Vacation Bible School Leaders, Summer Religious Formation Leaders, or Teen Ministry Leaders.

As per Diocesan policy, for the protection of all children in our parish and also yourself, ALL adults (> 18 years) working with children in our Diocese MUST begin the process of completing the following documents/procedures prior to starting: Teens under the age of 18 must only complete the Volunteer Application and also receive a Protecting God’s Children information pamphlet.

1) COMPLETE A DIOCESE OF METUCHEN VOLUNTEER APPLICATION. All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application (two pages). TEENS under 18 are not required to complete the back page. Everyone in the position of sharing their faith and the church’s teachings (i.e. Catechist, Aide, CLOW, VBS, Music, Theatre, etc.) through teaching/mentoring are also required to complete the Catechist Application and Personnel Record (three pages). These documents only need to be completed once but if you have any significant change to your individual information, please contact the office to update your records. These documents will be maintained in the RF office.



  1. Go to
  2. Click on “registration”
  3. For select organization, choose “Metuchen, NJ”
  4. User ID: use your e-mail address
  5. Password: anything you choose
  6. Answer the questions
  7. Click on “I wish to attend a PGC session”.The list of available sessions will come up, and you can find those we are offering at SEAS or at another nearby location. If you attend anywhere other than SEAS, you must bring back to our RF office a certificate from that parish with the name of the location, the date attended and signed by the facilitator.

If you have any questions, or do not have on-line access and are unable to register for the workshop, please contact Helen Schuler in the Religious Formation office (908) 284-2929 or email

3) Idento G by MorphoTrust USA – MANDATORY FINGERPRINTING/BACKGROUND CHECK (FormIDG_NJAPP_020115_V2)Diocesan policy MANDATES that if you have not previously completed this background check AND you will be assisting in any capacity around children, you MUST complete the background check and fingerprinting through MorphoTrust USA.

  • The only exception to this rule is if you were previously fingerprinted as a VOLUNTEER or EMPLOYEE in the METUCHEN DIOCESE through MorphoTrak or SagemMorpho within the last three years, then you do not need to repeat this process.
  • Anyone who continues to be actively involved will require a NAME CHECK ONLY (blue form SBI212B) every three years. The RF office will notify you when you need to have this form completed.
  • SEAS will reimburse the fee for this process when you remit the reimbursement form through the RF office along with a copy of your completed application and receipt.

4) Code of Pastoral Conduct – Every parish employee and Religious Formation volunteer (i.e. Catechists, Aides, Hall Monitors, CLOW Leaders, VBS, Children’s Choir, Teen Ministry, etc.) over the age of 18 working with children, must read the Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct. You may sign out one of four RF Office copies to read and return or you may access a copy to read or print from our SEAS Parish website ( After you have read the document, please sign and return the Acknowledgement of Receipt and Review form to Helen Schuler, the Coordinator of Safe Environment in the Religious Formation Office.

Please contact Gina Perez ( or Helen Schuler ( in the RF office at 284-2929 x1117 with any questions or concerns regarding any of the above mentioned procedures.

pdficonCode of Pastoral Conduct, rev. 02/26/12
pdficonCode of Pastoral Conduct acknowledgment form