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Parish Email 07-17-2020

Blood supplies are low.  If you are able, donate blood this Monday, July 20 from 1:00 PM until 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall!

 We continue to celebrate the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation; join us at Mass to celebrate our young people!  Remember when you arrive for Mass to be sure to pick up a copy of the bulletin so you have a worship guide for Mass!

 If you are not attending Mass but wish to receive Communion, park your car and walk to the narthex to receive.  We will no longer distribute Communion to cars.  Remember Masses are shorter than usual; you should plan to arrive 20-25 minutes after the start time of Mass. 

 If you are not comfortable attending a weekend Mass, the daily Masses are less crowded.  The weekday Mass schedule is Monday at 7:00 PM, Tuesday at Noon, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 9:00 AM.          

Attached is our weekly bulletin.

 Recorded Mass and CLOW are available on our website each week.

 Fr. Tom and SEAS Parish Staff


SEAS Weekly email 06-26-2020

We are very happy to say we can now have 100 people in the church for Mass, AND we are finally able to celebrate the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation!  Join us at Mass to celebrate our young people!


Attached to this email is this week’s bulletin which also includes the worship guide for Mass; it is also available from our website which we try to keep updated with the most current information.


We ask those who are not attending Mass but wish to receive Communion to park their cars and walk to the plaza [or narthex] after the people who attended Mass have received.  Those unable to exit their cars should line up at the Religious Formation drop off driveway [enter the driveway at the far end of the lot, near the trash enclosure and clothing bins] and wait for the EM to come to you; this may be after those who receive in the plaza or narthex have left.  Please be patient if you are receiving in your car.  Remember Masses are a shorter than usual; you should plan to arrive about 30 minutes after the start time of Mass.


Recorded Mass and CLOW are available from our website each week.


Fr. Tom and SEAS Parish Staff

Announcements for June 21, 2020

Reminder – our Mass schedule is as follows:

          Monday – 7:00 PM

          Tuesday – 12:00 Noon

          Wednesday – 9:00 AM

          Thursday – 9:00 AM

          Friday – 9:00 AM

Weekend Masses are:

Saturday – 4:00 PM, 5:30 PM

Sunday – 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM

 Confessions will be heard on Monday from 5:30 PM until 6:30 PM in the Parish Office

Beginning this weekend, we no longer plan to distribute Communion in the parking lot in the manner we have been doing the last several weeks.  Instead, those who are not attending Mass but wish to receive, should park their cars and walk to the plaza [or narthex] after the people who attended Mass have received.  Those unable to exit their cars should line up at the Religious Formation drop off driveway [enter the driveway at the far end of the lot, near the trash enclosure and clothing bins] and wait for the EM to come to you; this may be after those who receive in the plaza or narthex have left.  Please be patient if you are receiving in your car.

Recorded Mass and CLOW are available from our website each week.

Attached to this email is this week’s bulletin which also includes the worship guide for Mass; it is also available from our website.

Fr. Tom and SEAS Parish Staff

Note from the Finance Council


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton RC Church

105 Summer Road

Three Bridges, NJ 08887-2307

Phone: 908-782-1475 Fax: 908-782-6230


April 4, 2020



Dear Fellow Parishioner,


Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is James Letchford, and I serve as chair of SEAS’ Finance Council. I, and the other members of the Council, together with our Pastor, Father Tom, are praying for you and sincerely hope that you are well during these anxious and uncertain times. The Parish Finance Council includes Deacon Paul Santella, James McQuade, Lois Dornan and Father Tom.


This is an historic and unprecedented time for us as a nation and as a church. The steps we are taking to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our community have required many things of us thus far, and perhaps even more will come. For the present, we may not have access to our church for the celebration of Mass and other programs which help build us in faith, but we are not deprived of God’s presence and the grace which constantly upholds us.


Certainly, as we see the numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 growing exponentially almost daily, our thoughts and prayers turn to those suffering from this virus, for their families and loved ones, and for our healthcare workers who are trying to assist those infected and contain the spread of the disease. But we also know that the effects of the Coronavirus will be felt in other ways too. It will affect people’s livelihoods and their ability to support themselves and their families as some businesses close temporarily, or even permanently, because of containment efforts. It will also affect our Parish, which relies on us to provide the resources needed to sustain its life and ministry.


We have just passed our first weekends with only a partial Sunday offering, and more offerings will be reduced or eliminated in the weeks to come. This will create a financial hardship for us and threaten our ability to maintain parish life as we know it. However, you can help us support SEAS during the days ahead so that we can continue to be a beacon of Catholic faith and mission in our community.


First, we are asking you to pray for all our Parishes, Clergy and Pastoral Staffs, our Bishop and the Diocesan Staff, who give of themselves every day in witness to Christ and in service to our community. Our church is open for you to make a visit; so come and offer your prayers in our ‘parish home.’


Second, please join our online giving program, if and when our envelope company makes it operational. Many of us already use online methods to pay our bills and other obligations. Online parish giving should be easy to register for; it is safe, secure, and provides a reliable source of income to help us meet our obligations and fund our ministries. The details will be given via email [make sure we have your email address!] and/or our Parish website. In the meantime, you may electronically make a donation with no cost to either you or the Parish directly from your bank; at your request, they will mail a check directly to the Parish.


Third, if you continue to use the envelope system, please remember to mail in your envelopes on a weekly basis. We rely on your generosity to provide the support needed to maintain our parish’s life and ministries.


If you are among those whose circumstances prevent you from financially supporting the Parish or Diocese of Metuchen, you can support them through prayer and by your engagement in church life. Our Parish can only do what we, the parishioners, enable it to do. So please pray for SEAS and ask the Lord how you can give back to help us serve our mission.


Please pray for our Parish Staff members, most of whom have been furloughed until the regular schedule resumes. The Diocese directed Pastors, with their Finance Committee’s assistance, to determine how to address salaried employees. Of our 3 full time with benefits staff members, only Father Tom will NOT be furloughed; thank God! Of our 8 part time with no benefits staff members, only 3 will NOT be furloughed; they will only work the hours necessary to keep the Parish Office, Religious Formation Office and Parish Plant functional. We fully intend NOT to take the option of eliminating ANY positions as we already run a ‘very lean machine’ as Father Tom calls it.


We are also blessed in that many, MANY people offer their services without receiving any ‘earthly pay!’ Most of our ministries and events are ‘run’ by such people: our Catechists and Aides; the Coordinators of social events like Mardi Gras, Santa Breakfast, Easter Egg Extravaganza, etc.; our Altar Servers, Cantors, Children’s Liturgy of the Word leaders, Choirs, Collection Counters, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers, Ushers; our missalettes are even changed seasonally by the Daily Mass attendees. May God bless them for their service.


Lastly, our Pastor, Father Tom, and the members of the SEAS Finance Committee are here to answer your questions, or assist you in registering for automated giving in our Parish. Please call or email us at 908-782-1475 or


During these uncertain times, we place our trust in God and are resolved to stay faithful to all the Lord calls us to be as a Parish. Let’s do what we can to help our Parish fulfill its mission by not failing to provide the resources it needs to do this.



In Christ,





James Letchford

Holy Week Explanation

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

105 Summer Road Three Bridges, NJ 08887-2307

908-782-1475 Fax: 908-782-6230



Dear Brothers and Sisters of the SEAS Parish family,


    How I sorely miss all of you! You are in my prayers; please pray for me. Years ago, in an Epiphany homily, I told how – in some countries, Christmastime ended with a special blessing for all who, due to the brutal winter, would not gather as ‘church’ nor receive Holy Communion until Easter! In our wildest dreams, who ever imagined we’d face the same fate because of a pandemic virus. I SO MISS: celebrating Mass with you; greeting and chatting with you; fist-bumping kids; sharing your joys and sorrows; tormenting you with puns, bad jokes, and an alarming abundance of annoying alliterations; etc. Once we get back together again, I promise to ‘make it up’ to you!


    While we will not gather in our ‘parish home’ for Holy Week this year, make every effort to ‘tune in’ to every Rite you can – especially Sunday Mass – via the blessing of modern communication. SEAS can only broadcast recorded, not ‘live‘ events, as required for Holy Week Services, and honestly, it would be even more painful for me to ‘half-celebrate’ them with all the restrictions placed on our annual spectacular communal events, but I do hope to tape an Easter Sunday Mass! So join in the Services offered on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ website: or the Diocese of Metuchen’s website: Log on to – for FREE – – which SEAS pays for; it offers a treasure trove of Catholic movies, talks, and other programs for all ages. Our computer server crashed last week; the new server should be running by now … so keep abreast via our website: of Parish events and timetables. Our main form to communicate is ‘blast emails,’ so email to with your name so we can add you to our list … but give us time to update our records!


    This horrific pandemic has given an interesting twist to the Scriptures proclaimed on Good Friday: “Who would believe what we have heard?” [First Reading: Isaiah 53:1a] and Son though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered; and when he was made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him.” [Second Reading: Hebrews 5:8-9]
Who would believe that we’d have no public Holy Week events? That so many special events would be cancelled or postponed? That our economy, our everyday life, our EVERYTHING, would be turned upside down? That a Pope would offer prayers in an empty Saint Peter Square? That religious activities would be limited and churches closed to protect lives, while the State allows abortion clinics, which destroy lives, to remain open? Should not our limited medical facilities, overworked personnel and scarce supplies be used to combat Coronavirus and save lives – rather than to destroy life?


    Our Christian Faith assures us: God always wins in the end, and that every discipline – even being ‘quarantined’ – can be grace-filled – if we seek God’s presence, even in what seems so ungodly. This is the joy-filled, hope-filled message of Easter! And while every cross we carry has its pains and sorrows, we, as an Easter people, can bring light into darkness and joy into sorrow! For Jesus who died, rather, was raised, who also is at the right hand of God, who indeed intercedes for us” [Romans 8:34]
is rooting for us, along with His Mother, and our Patroness, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, and all the Angels and Saints! So, while it may be premature, I’ll say it anyway: “alleluia, Alleluia, ALLELUIA!” [There; I broke a rubric and said the “A” word in Lent!]


    In all seriousness: these are challenging times for all of us. May God bless all who have continued to mail or drop off their weekly offerings so we can pay all bills on time and not dismiss any Parish staff members. And thanks to all who pledge or make payments to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. We are looking for an economical way to offer ‘online’ giving, which maintains a steady flow of cash but can be costly. Envelope and credit card companies and banks charge a fee to those who make ‘online’ offerings and/or the Parish for ‘online’ donations. The enclosed letter from Jim Letchford, our Finance Committee Chairman, addresses this and other financial issues. [Although I tease Jim every year when he makes his ‘most exciting’ financial report, I am grateful for all he and the members of the Finance Committee do for our Parish.]


    As of now, our church will be open on Saturday: 4 PM – 6 PM; Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM; Monday-Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5 PM; and Friday: 8 AM – 12:00 NOON [check the website for special Good Friday times] for you to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, light a candle, walk the Stations, etc.; please limit your visit so others can enter the church, as no more than 10 people are permitted in a room at the same time. [Official mandates from the State or Bishop could change all this.]


    Our Bishop has permitted Priests to offer one private Mass each day for that day’s requested Mass intention[s], which I faithfully offer. Blessed palm branches, refrigerated in sealed bags, will be available at a future date, as will blessed Easter water. Baptisms will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time with each family. As of now, the dates and times for First Holy Communions and Confirmation remain unchanged, and the preparation for these special Sacraments is complete; the Funeral Practices & Planning Workshop [April 28] and the Open Forum with the Pastor [May 26] are also, as of now, unchanged.


    A modified weekly bulletin is available on our website:; follow the link on the top of the opening page; the date for the resumption of the Sacrament of Reconciliation [Penance or Confession] will be announced when known; if the opportunity to attend holy Mass and/or receive Holy Communion arises before you can get to Confession, the Church permits those normally able to receive Eucharist to do so by first making an Act of Contrition and then going to Confession as soon as humanly possible.


    Like the women at the tomb on that first Easter morning, many are wondering, “Who will roll back the stone for us …? [Cf. Mark 16:3] and when will we, like Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, be unbound and set free? [Cf. John 11: 44]
May we have the faith, hope and love to patiently await that glorious day when we will be gathered together again in one place: our beloved ‘parish home.’ And let us persist in the most powerful weapon at our disposal: prayer! Pray for all who have died; pray for all who are sick; pray for the medical professionals and first responders who risk their lives to save others; pray for all who suffer in any way from this crisis; and pray for each other. On Good Friday, at 3:00 PM, remember to pause in silence, to genuflect before and kiss a Cross or Crucifix, to thank the Lord Jesus for offering His life for us! Amen.


    In His holy Name,




    Rev. Thomas J. Serafin, KCHS


Letter from Fr. Tom regarding Global Pandemic

Dear Members of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church,

    Please be assured that you and your loved ones are not only in my prayers, you are also in the prayers and concerns of our Bishop, who has asked us Pastors to assure you that we are doing all we can to keep everyone as safe as possible. While no one knows what the future holds, and as our Bishop said, we did not even imagine what disciplines and sacrifices this Lent would demand of us – we still look forward to a joy-filled Easter.

    The last publicly celebrated Mass was held Tuesday, March 17, Saint Patrick’s Day, at 9 AM until AT LEAST the Saturday Vigil Mass for Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, April 4. Funerals will be celebrated as needed. Friday Stations of the Cross and the Simple Soup Supper are cancelled. Please watch the Mass on TV, on the diocesan website [below] or at least spend some time in prayer on Sunday.

    The Sacrament of Reconciliation [Penance or Confession]. No Penance Services may be conducted until after Easter; Confessions WILL be heard IN THE CHAPEL, NOT IN THE SMALL RECONCILIATION ROOM, at the usual time of Saturday at 4:00 PM; please be a brief as possible.

    Eucharistic Adoration. During the regular WEEKEND Mass times: 4 PM – 6 PM Saturday and 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM Sundays – the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed on the Altar for private Prayer – IF ENOUGH EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS AND OTHERS ‘sign up’ so the Blessed Sacrament is not left unattended. [During most of these times, Confessions MAY be heard when a Priest is available; again, please be as brief as possible.]

    The Church is USUALLY open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Thursday and 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon on Friday. Please keep a safe distance from each other during visits to the church as you pray before the Blessed Sacrament, Walk the Stations, etc.

    We will communicate any updates via our website [], our bulletin and via blast emails. If you did not receive our blast email this week when these restrictions went into effect, we likely do not have your current email address. Please contact the Parish Office to have your email information updated.

    For those who have children in Sacrament Prep: ALL CHILD-BASED EVENTS [Classes, CLOW & Sacrament Prep sessions] are cancelled.

As of now, the dates and times for First Holy Communions and Confirmation remain unchanged, and the remaining preparation work for these special Sacraments will be completed by you – with the help of the Parish staff. We are looking into other ways to fulfill the Confirmation Retreat requirement, even on an individual basis, and will be in contact with you. ‘We Celebrate’ First Eucharist Book should be completed at home and dropped off at the Parish so it can be ‘graded;’ it will be returned to you on FHC day.

Our Bishop’s comforting words, may be found find – with updates – on the diocesan website:; and on our diocesan social media pages: @diocesemetuchen.

In His holy Name,

Rev. Thomas J. Serafin, KCHS

Consecration to Jesus through Our Lady of Guadalupe

From: Donnamarie Petrucelli []

Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2019 2:46 PM

Subject: Livestreaming Consecration

Live streaming Information:

Consecration to Jesus through Our Lady of Guadalupe

Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America, will be the principal celebrant of the Mass of the Consecration of the Diocese of Metuchen to Jesus through Mary under her title of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi, Metuchen. During the Mass, Bishop James F. Checchio will consecrate the Diocese of Metuchen to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Due to limited seating at the Cathedral, attendance is by ticket only.

To allow for greater participation, the Diocese of Metuchen will air a live satellite broadcast of the Mass at

Live Satellite Broadcast

Following the Mass, a link to the recording will be posted on the diocesan website for on-demand viewing.

To help the faithful of the diocese prepare for their personal consecration, the Diocese of Metuchen will offer a series of videos from Dec. 4 through Dec. 12. The videos will include prayer, witness, Scripture, and more to help the faithful prepare to consecrate themselves to Jesus through Our Lady of Guadalupe. To receive these daily videos, please visit

Daily Videos

and sign up.


Diocese of Metuchen Consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe

All are welcome to attend one or more of the events scheduled in the coming weeks in preparation for our Diocesan Consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Full details on events held at SEAS can be found in the bulletin.

One Week Traveling Prayer Kit

Take home a Traveling Prayer Kit dedicated to the Patroness of the Americas.  Everything you need to create a sacred space in your home is included.

To reserve a kit: use the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.  On scheduled date, pick up kit in Sacristy; return to Sacristy the next weekend.

For more information about the Bishop’s intention for us with this consecration, please visit