Children’s Liturgy of the Word


Our weekly Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) is open to all children grades Pre-K-4 .

We invite our community teens and adults to share their faith with our children as Leaders of Children’s Liturgy of the Word.  No experience is required; all literature and materials are provided.

Virtual CLOW Procedures

Are you or your children interested in helping with CLOW by recording virtually the First Reading, or the Responsorial Psalm, or the Universal Prayers?

If so, follow the next steps.


Please email Kelly Critelli at  with your name and/or the names of any of your family members who will be recorded doing a reading, the Responsorial Psalm, or the Universal Prayers. Also include your email address in case we need to follow up with you.

Once signed up, you will receive an email from Kelly with instructions and a chart listing dates and what you are signed up for.


Each week’s readings are linked in the chart emailed to you.


You may tape and send your readings at any time, but no later than 4 pm on Wednesday of the week of your reading. (The earlier the better!) Once signed up, you will be notified of whom to email your video(s) to.

The RF office will follow up with the readers a few days in advance of the deadline.

Thank you so much for the time you are spending on this. God bless you!

Ministry Heads:

Kelly Critelli Gillian Pinter
Gina Raimondo Mary Jenison