Summer Religious Formation


The Summer RF Program is offered to our parents as an alternative to the traditional once-a-week class format that is held from September through May. The Summer Program will be held for two weeks:

Monday – Thursday
The second and third weeks of July
8:45am  – 12:10pm


The Summer Program seeks to accommodate the busy schedules of our families. The required amount of class time is the same as the regular program, but condensed into a two-week period, plus events throughout the liturgical year.

Students will stay “connected” to the parish throughout the year through weekly Mass and by attending 3 catechetical sessions during the Advent, Lent, and Easter seasons. Parental involvement is expected.

The Summer Program is open to students of Grades 1,3,4,5 6,7.  For information and registration forms, please call the RF office at 908-284-2929.




One parent must volunteer to assist for two full days per child enrolled

Full attendance at all 2 week sessions

Late arrivals and early dismissals are not permitted

Payment of the program fee


Who is eligible to enroll?


Registered parishioners of SEAS

Students entering grades 1,3,4,5,6,7


Typical class day structure

The class would be led by parish catechists certified by the Diocese of Metuchen who would provide a lesson on catholic doctrine, and an activity to process the material. The students would also participate in Class Mass and prayer services based on the day’s topics.

We also ask that you make a prayerful decision for your Child’s Spiritual Journey and a willingness to help all of the children in our Parish. Together, we can make a difference in the life of a child! We appreciate your commitment in sending your children to us.

Thank you for all you do for the parish at SEAS.

Many prayers,


Mariam Nawab PCL

SEAS-Three Bridges, NJ

908-284-2929 Ext. 1123

“Children are a gift from the Lord.” PS.127:3


Ministry Heads:


Gina Perez                                                       Mary McLoughlin

908-284-2929 x1125                                       917-747-3270                             


Below is the policy for those who participate in SRF: After completing the required summertime formational sessions, all SRF participants must earn at least 6 points from the following options or the SRF participant will not promote to the next grade level, will need to repeat the same grade in the school year program and will no longer be eligible for SRF in the future.