Infant Baptism

Expectant parents should register for the required formation session before birth or adoption and receive our parish policy, ritual explanation, and godparent requirement book.

Please contact Ruth Pryor in the Parish Office at 908-782-1475 or

Godparent Requirements

Canon (Church) law states a godparent must:

  • be a Baptized and Confirmed Roman Catholic who attends weekly Mass and receives Eucharist
  • be at least 14 years of age [exceptions possible]
  • NOT be one of the parents
  • lead a moral life in keeping with Church teaching, and be a good Catholic role model
  • if married, be married according to Church law
  • be a registered member of their own current parish from which they obtain an eligibility certificate
  • we can only give eligibility certificates to those who are registered in our parish!

Since only one Catholic godparents is required, a baptized member of another Christian church [but not a Roman Catholic] may serve as a Christian witness. Since godparents renew their baptismal promises during the Rite of Baptism, a non-baptized person cannot serve in this role.