Fully Credentialed Adults Needed

The Religious Formation Office is seeking adults who have completed their Diocese mandated credentials to come back and sign up for our upcoming programs. 

While we always welcome new leaders and assistants to our ministries working with children, time is of the essence and unless we have more parishioners respond to our needs very soon, we will be left short of qualified adults to catechize or aide our parish children in our RF Ministries this fall.  Over the last several years hundreds of parents and other adults have generously offered their time and talents.  Now more than ever, we need these fully credentialed adults to return to the ministry and continue evangelizing our youth by their good works helping them witness and appreciate God’s providence in their lives. We are eager to continue offering many program options to our parish families.

Please prayerfully consider what you can do and contact the Religious Formation office at 908-284-2929 x1125.

Sacramental Prep Parent Meeting June 2021 Slideshow

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