Seton Sunday Message from our Pastor

Dear Members of our Parish Family and our Visitors,

Thanks for checking out our Parish website; I know you will find it appealing, interesting and inviting. Even in these days of ‘Covid-19’ constrictions and pandemic problems and worldwide worry and woe, our Parish has remained as active and alive as is possible – and permitted! I am most grateful to our Parish Staff and the heads of ministries for doing all they can – and then some – to keep us safe and ‘open for business.’ [Like Jesus, we, too, “… must be about [our] Father’s work.” [Cf Luke 2:49]

On this site you will find the handiwork of some who so love being an active member of this great Parish that they recorded snippets or vignettes of who they are, how they serve the Lord through our ministries or organizations, and how you can join them. May God bless them for proclaiming their Catholic Faith and helping to spread the Good News. May their efforts to help us to continue to return to ‘the new norm’ – whatever that may be – be fruitful.

I am also grateful to all who come to or ‘tune into’ Masses and other events via our website. And, of course, I am also most grateful to all who continue to be so generous to the Parish, to the Diocese of Metuchen, and to charities during these difficult and uncertain times. While our needs are great, and our hopes and dreams are high, we must also be concerned – as so many of you are – with those who have nowhere near what we enjoy. Again, may the Lord bless you for your goodness.

Finally, as Thanksgiving and Christmas draw near, know that we will continue to do all we are permitted to do to celebrate these great Feasts as best we can. In the letters being sent via our Diocese from each Pastor to their registered parishioners, I will continue to update you on our schedule as well as on my stewardship of the resources you entrust to me. Among them: making the Parish Office entranceway doors handicap accessible and automatically activated; updating the 11 year old carillon [bells] system, replacing the narthex floor tiles, installing a security camera system so we can be even more open and safe; and continuing to bring our facilities up-to-date with the many virtual tools upon which we have all become so dependent and with which we can remain so connected.

May our Patroness, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, continue to watch over us; and may we continue to follow her example by boldly proclaiming our Catholic Faith in all we say and do.

                                In His holy Name,

                                Rev. Thomas J. Serafin, KCHS, Pastor