SEAS Weekly email 06-26-2020

We are very happy to say we can now have 100 people in the church for Mass, AND we are finally able to celebrate the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation!  Join us at Mass to celebrate our young people!


Attached to this email is this week’s bulletin which also includes the worship guide for Mass; it is also available from our website which we try to keep updated with the most current information.


We ask those who are not attending Mass but wish to receive Communion to park their cars and walk to the plaza [or narthex] after the people who attended Mass have received.  Those unable to exit their cars should line up at the Religious Formation drop off driveway [enter the driveway at the far end of the lot, near the trash enclosure and clothing bins] and wait for the EM to come to you; this may be after those who receive in the plaza or narthex have left.  Please be patient if you are receiving in your car.  Remember Masses are a shorter than usual; you should plan to arrive about 30 minutes after the start time of Mass.


Recorded Mass and CLOW are available from our website each week.


Fr. Tom and SEAS Parish Staff