From the Pastor – March 5, 2017



In most Roman Catholic Cathedrals today, a special rite takes place for all adults who will be baptized, confirmed and receive First Eucharist at Easter: The Rite of Election or Enrollment. A similar rite, The Call to Continuing Conversion, may also take place around this time of year for adults already baptized but completing their initiation as Catholics this Eastertime. And during Lent, at only one of each Parish’s obligation Masses, other Rites take place for those in the RCIA
… which means not all get to witness and join in praying for those becoming one with us through the Easter Sacraments. And so …


On the weekends these RCIA
Rites take place, I will reflect on their special orations, which are only prayed at that particular Mass. That way all will be united in prayer for our Elect, Steven Heller, sponsored by
Stephany Heller
, and our Candidates: Richard Coury, sponsored by Angie Walko
and Attila Horvath, sponsored by
David Geisler
. Here are the orations for The Rite of Election or Enrollment – which we will pray at our 9:30 Mass today.


Collect – Election / Enrollment of Names


O God, who though you are ever the cause

of the salvation of the human race now gladden your people with grace in still greater

measure, look mercifully, we pray, upon your chosen ones, that your compassionate

and protecting help may defend both those

yet to be born anew and those already reborn.

Through our Lord … for ever and ever. Amen.


GOD NEVER GIVES UP ON US. As this oration notes, God not only produces and causes the sacramental means by which we are saved; God graces us with all the ‘helps’ we need to hear, accept and live by all His sacramental gifts. God does things in this way for two main reasons: one is to respect our free will; God forces nothing on us. The other is so that His Church and her members can activate all that He entrusts to them, thus making US the channels of His grace. Who must you reach out to, dialogue with, invite in, explain things to, make connections for, give better witness to so that they can enter the RCIA
to become a full-fledged Catholic?

Prayer over the Offerings – Election / Enrollment


Almighty ever-living God, who restore us

by the Sacrament of Baptism to eternal life

as we confess your name, receive,

we beseech you, the offerings and

prayers of your servants and command

that those who hope in you may have their desires fulfilled and their sins canceled out.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


When asked what is placed on the Altar during the Offertory at Mass, most would say ‘bread and wine’ … and that’s it. But as this oration mentions, we also place our prayers – for ourselves and for others – as well as our desires and even our sins – so that God can do with them what God, in His wisdom, knows best to do with them. Perhaps we hear the Priest pray so often, “Pray … that MY sacrifice AND
YOURS … may be acceptable

that we don’t hear it! At each Mass we are invited to heap EVERYTHING on the Altar in sacrifice! Do you make a real, conscious offering of persons and things, of public and personal needs, of your hopes and dreams, failures and regrets during each Mass’ Offertory? During Lent, remember to offer a prayer for those now in the RCIA … and those who should be in the RCIA!


Prayer after Communion – Election / Enrollment


May this Sacrament we have received

purify us, we pray, O Lord,

and grant your servants freedom from all blame,

that those bound by a guilty conscience

may glory in the fullness of heavenly remedy.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


MY CONSCIENCE IS NOT BOTHERING ME!” I once heard someone, who was lividly angry and overly emotional after being caught red-handed doing something bad, shriek, “My conscience is not bothering me!”
Those who dare to echo these words needs to re-examine their conscience in light of Gospel values, Church precepts, the Ten Commandments, etc. For who is NOT guilty of something! May we wisely use the ‘heavenly remedies’ God provides, as those in the RCIA are doing, to be saved or restored to grace.


In His holy Name,




Rev. Thomas J. Serafin, KHS