RF Leaders


We are excited to announce that our parish has subscribed to a dynamic new online platform called FORMED to help you deepen your knowledge and explain the immense treasure of our great Catholic Faith.  Every parishioner will have 24/7 access to the best Catholic content on any device with internet access, including your computer, smartphone and tablet.

With FORMED, you’ll find video programs that explain the Catholic faith such asSymbolon and Catholicism and Bible studies on a variety of topics including Mary and theSunday readings. You will have access to full-length Catholic movies such as Mother Teresa, The Story of the Nativity and John Paul II. You will be able to listen to inspiring audio talks and read inspirational Catholic books online.  You’ll find presenters such as Bishop Robert Barron, Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Edward Sri, Dr. Mary Healey, Dr. Scott Hahn, Chris Stefanick and so much more. It’s all part of our parish subscription—and there is no cost to you!

Here’s how easy it is to get FORMED. Go to www.FORMED.org. You should see the registration box for parishioners. Type in our parish code which is GK2J6P.  Now set up a username and a password. Now you are all set to use all the great programs on FORMED.org at anytime by simply logging in.

Once you start using FORMED, please let us know you are using it and what you think of it. Be sure to encourage others in your family and in our parish to use it as well!

To let us know you have signed up and for any questions or feedback, please contact Diane Luceri at 908-782-1475 x 14or dluceri@easeton.net.


Thinking of Becoming a Catechist or a Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) Leader?

Pass on the Good News!

What good news? The Good News of Jesus Christ and our Catholic Faith! This fall, over 800 children and young people, kindergarten to grade 8 will sign up to learn more about Jesus and the Catholic faith. You can help them learn and grow in faith by becoming a Catechist for Faith Formation. Be a CLOW Leader for pre-school to 4th grade children. CLOW is offered Saturday evening and Sunday mornings at each Mass. Mon, Tues, and Weds classes are offered for the school year. You are almost sure to find a time that fits your schedule. As you nurture the faith of our young, you will learn and grow as well! We provide you with training, materials, and support. Classes begin Sept. 8th. If interested, please contact the RF office at 908-284-2929 x23 or email mnawab@easeton.net.

Echoes of Faith Plus

Basic Catechist Certification Opportunity

Echoes of Faith Plus is a basic level, video-assisted resource for the formation, training and enrichment of catechists, aides and any adults in our parish.  Following is the current schedule for Echoes of Faith Plus at SEAS.  “Echoes of Faith” Sessions will include prayer, DVD presentations and group discussion. This study is open to all adults—bring a friend or family member!

The Catechist Set

For catechists, these sessions count towards basic catechist certification.

Sessions on Sundays will be in the Holy Family Room – 10:30am

Sessions on Tuesdays will be in the Holy Family Room – 9:30-11:30am.

Topic & Dates

The Catechetical Set:      Getting Started –  May 22, 2016

Roles of the Catechist – June 5, 2016

The Person of the Catechist – June 12, 2016

Each topic must be attended for catechist accreditation. There is no cost and no homework is required.


Contact Information:

Religious Formation Office at 908-284-2929 or emailgperez@easeton.net

Please RSVP with the dates and times of the sessions you will attend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mariam Nawab PCL at




For all Catechists and AIDES – please plan to attend to receive updates and forms: 

NOV 15


MAY 31

Coordinator’s Meetings 2015-2016

Nov. 1, 2015 10:30am/Conference Room – Pre-Advent

Jan. 31, 2016 10:30am /Conference Room – Pre-Lent


1-January 1, 2016: Mary Mother of God

2-Ascension Day: 40 days after Easter

3-Nov. 1, 2015: All Saints day

4-Dec. 8, 2015: Immaculate Conception

5-Dec. 25, 2015: Christmas


Oct. 5, 6, 7, 2015:

Rosary DVD Grades 1&2

Oct. 12, 13, 14, 2015:

Eucharistic Adoration During Class

Oct. 19, 20, 21, 2015:

Rosary Grades 3-7;

Church Tour Grades 1&3

Oct. 25, 2015: Eucharistic Adoration


Nov. 22, 2015:

First Penance at 4pm (FHC)

Dec. 14, 15, 16, 2015:

Christmas skits and carols in the Church

Jan. 11, 12, 13, 2016:

Vocation Talk – All Grades

Feb. 16, 17, 2016:

Stations of the Cross DVD (Grades 1&2)

Feb. 22, 2016:

Stations of the Cross DVD (Grades 1&2)

Feb. 22, 23, 24, 2016:

Stations of the Cross (Grades 3-7)

May 8, 2016:

May Crowning and FHC pictures – 10:30- 11:30 am